Frequently Asked Questions

An Ear Curation + Piercing Consultation is a 45 min appointment. Perhaps you’ve seen a piercing placement you’re inspired by or you’re open to new possibilities. You’ll discuss relevant aspects of your lifestyle and personal style. Then do a run through of the collection with  discussion around styling. Tamila will consider the unique curves and anatomy of the ear, estimated healing times and with her intuitive style direction, make a proposal of up to three piercings and jewellery. 


The consultation fee includes up to three piercings, holistic care advice and aftercare spray. Jewellery is additional.


Piercings are conducted using single use needles and 18k gold, internally threaded fine jewellery, using the highest standards of sterilisation, placement advice and piercing. 

When the swelling subsides of a new piercing, a downsize of the earring post may be necessary. A complimentary follow up appointment should be made around four weeks after piercing, for a healing assessment and determine if you’re ready to downsize. The cost of the downsizing service is $50, the posts are complimentary.

An Ear Curation consultation is $200 which includes up to three piercings and an Aftercare Package to care for your piercings. Jewellery is additional.

Tamila is presently in Residency at KODA Cutters in Bondi Beach, and you can make a booking via their website www.kodacutters.com or through the link on the PIERCING page.

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Depending on placement, piercings can take from 3 to 12 months to wholly heal. Gentle handling, consistent care and a healthy lifestyle will assist in the process. You will be given thorough and detailed cleaning and care instructions, during your consultation.