Tamila Purvis resides in Sydney, Australia and is available for piercing and curation by appointment in Potts Point.

The consultation is a 30-45 min appointment, where you will view the jewellery collection and be given recommendations based on a synergy of your unique anatomy, your personal style and Tamila's creative direction.

The consultation fee is $100, which includes one piercing with the opportunity to upgrade to two ro three piercings. Holistic care advice and aftercare spray is also included. Jewellery used is an additional cost.

Piercings are conducted using single use needles and 18k + 14k recycled gold, internally threaded fine jewellery, using the highest standards of sterilisation, placement advice and piercing. 

Follow up Appointments

A complimentary 15min follow up appointment should be made four -eights weeks after piercing, for healing assessment and to determine if its time to downsize. The cost of the downsizing service is $50, the new earring posts are complimentary.

If you are not based in Sydney, or would like to keep up to date for future locations, please subscribe below for announcements.