Tamila Purvis is a jewellery designer and piercer residing in Sydney, Australia. Her designs explore the delicate symbiosis between the body and its adornments, seeking to illuminate individual beauty with unique and intentional pieces. 

15 years’ industry experience, including a tenure as Fashion Editor of RUSSH Magazine and founder of cult jewellery brand MANIAMANIA, organically led Tamila to the transformative art of piercing - a meeting point of her passion for jewellery making, styling and holistic healing. 

Drawing on influences from 90s punk culture and 19th century Romanticism, Tamila’s design process abandon fleeting trends in favour of considered pieces informed by art and history. Fascinated by form and guided by function, her designs evoke a classic mood, with a modern aesthetic. 

With meticulous training, she approaches her craft with confidence, knowledge and understanding. Her expertise, is defined by her intuitive style and dedication to providing a luxury experience, installing only the highest quality materials with thorough holistic aftercare, in a sterile environment.

Her piercing style, considered and delicate, takes smaller pieces to highlight and compliment, building a unique concept and tailored piercing experience for the individual, that will transform and enhance informed by years of styling and design expertise.

Tamila introduces her signature line: a considered and curated range of custom made 14k gold, white diamonds and sapphire pieces.